Durham Solar Panel Installers

Durham county flag Across the city of Durham there are already a high number of hugely successful solar panel installations generating free electricity for their owners. These installations range from Durham University's solar powered Palatine Centre to small domestic installations.

One case study on a house in Willington, Durham showed that the householder who had installed a 3.5 kWp system was generating 2,782 kWh each year, resulting in an annual financial benefit of £1,455. Even smaller 1.25 kWp systems in Durham have been known to create a financial benefit of £510 per year.

The Climate in Durham

Whilst the city of Durham is located in the north of England, making it cooler than many more southerly towns and cities, Durham's position to the east of the Pennines also means it is in a rain shadow. This results in it having fewer than average rainy days.

Indeed, the city's annual sunshine hours tend to hover around the national average of 1,300 to 1,400. This then translates to solar radiation levels over a 22 year average reaching in excess of 5 kWh per squared meter per day in May, June and July and close to 4 kWh in April and August.

Solar Installers in Durham and the Surrounding Area

There are over 40 solar installation companies operating in Durham and the surrounding area. The following firms are based in the city itself:

ACIS Renewable Energy Durham, Midori Solar and Electrical Solutions, We R Solar, Cleaner Air Solutions UK, George Howe Plumbing and Heating Ltd and Revolution Power Ltd.

Other local firms that operate in Durham include; One Planet Solar, Solar Concept, Rooftrust Renewables, Home Heating Solutions, Green Team Partnership, Barrier Energy Ltd, Eaga Renewables, The Sustainable Energy Company, UCS Renweables, JPS Energy, Alternative Energy Contracting Ltd, UpNorth Cooling Ltd, The Solar Centre NE Ltd and Northern Solar Power.

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