Dudley Solar Panels

There are a number of large scale solar panel installations in Dudley, the most notable of which has to be Dudley Council's multimillion pound installation of solar panels on 180 homes on the Priory Estate.

According to research carried out by the council, these installations will provide the equivalent of one month's worth of free energy per year for every household involved. Solar has also proved popular with local schools including Roberts Primary School in Lower Gornal who estimate their solar installation has cut the school's electricity bills by around 10%.

Climate and Sun Hours in Dudley

The length of the day in Dudley varies from 9 hours 3 minutes in the winter to 17 hours 37 minutes in the summer which means there should be ample daylight to run solar panels all year round, although they will be much more effective in the summer months.

The sun reaches a peak of an angle of 71 degrees in June and the solar radiation also reaches its maximum in June and July. The actual solar radiation received in Dudley ranges from 0.67 kWh per m2 per day in winter to 4.66 kWh per m2 per day during the summer months which is very close to the UK national average.

Solar Installers in Dudley

There are a number of solar panel installers who work in the Dudley area. These include: Positive Fit, Samson Solar Ltd, Dynamic Energies, CI Solar Ltd, Abbey Solar Technologies, Delmar Electrical Installations, SBNG (Midlands) Ltd, Ace Solar Energy, Blue Flame Energy Solutions Ltd, Kerwood Solar, CHN Contractors, Urban Energie Solutions, Aurora Property Maintenance Ltd, KRS Mechanical Solutions, H.S.C.S. Solihull Ltd, Hitech Energy Ltd, Greenday Renewable Solutions, Thomas Vale Regeneration, Evergreen Mac, Energy Logic Ltd, Solar City Ltd, Lammart Ltd, Wulfrun Energy Solutions, All Eco Energy Ltd, EZSolar and Solar Shop UK Ltd.

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