Croydon Solar Panels

Croydon Coat Of Arms With fuel prices rocketing, it's no surprise that many people in Croydon and the south of England are now turning to solar power as an alternative energy source. Weather conditions are extremely varied across much of the UK, however southerly locations in particular are very well suited to solar photovoltaic installations.

For, whereas it's true that solar panels don't actually need direct sunlight to function, it goes without saying that the more sunshine available, the higher the output of energy your system will generate - and generating more than you need is a great way to make, as well as save money as the excess can be sold back to the National Grid for others to use. Croydon is certainly well placed to make the most of this incentive.

Croydon Based Suppliers

Croydon based Fusion Green Energy install specialist solar panels to homes and businesses throughout the south east of England. The company has a highly experienced electrical background, making them a great choice for even the most challenging of jobs.

With a great local knowledge and a high standard of customer aftercare, Fusion Green Energy claim they will only quote for work they consider ethical with no high pressure sales techniques involved. Also worth checking out is their online solar calculator to see how much you could potentially be saving.

Exterior HomeCare Ltd is another accredited Croydon based solar panel installer worth contacting. Being approved members of many trade bodies, Exterior HomeCare Ltd are a well established local company who can be trusted to offer you a reliable and cost effective service.

Other installers worth contacting in the Croydon area include Solar4us, Solar Impact and Logical Heating and Plumbing Solutions Ltd, all of which can be found via an online search. However, there are many other installers in and around the London area and competition is high, so be sure to shop around for the best deal.

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