Chester Solar Panels

Cheshire Flag Resting on the Cheshire plain, Chester has a temperate climate, averaging over 5 sun hours a day from April to the end of August. The level of solar radiation in Chester is at its lowest during December and January at around 200 kWh per meter squared.

However, it quickly increases and from March onwards it reaches over 800 kWh per squared meter, peaking in high summer at 1299 kWh per meter squared. These conditions are well suited to installing solar panel systems and, for that reason, solar power is an accepted part of the local council's sustainable development planning policy.

Solar Panel Installers in Chester

Householders looking to carry out a solar panel installation in Chester benefit from having a number of local firms as well as regional firms based in Manchester or Liverpool who operate in the Chester area. This gives consumers a wide choice of installation companies and creates a competitive local market.

Firms based in Chester include; The Solar Installer, The Solar Electric Power Company, Bundys Electrical and Safety Testing, The Greener Group, Solen Energy UK, PAR Electrical Solutions, and Suburban Solar.

Regional firms who operate in Chester include; The Green Electrician, Cheshire Home and Heating, KML Electrical Ltd, Solar Clearsky Ltd and Advance Solar Energy.

Successful Solar Installations in Chester

A reflection of the opportunities solar can offer in the Chester area is the fact this technology has been embraced by one of the local area's largest employers. The new BAE factory which is home to the Airbus Final Assembly Line on the outskirts of Chester has 22,000 square meters of solar panels on its roof.

It is projected that by installing this system, BAE will be able to cut its electricity bills in half. This is a sure sign to local householders that solar can work very effectively in Chester.

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