Solar Panel Installation Case Study #1 - Cheshire, UK

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Roof before solar panels are installed

Still wondering if solar panels are the right choice for you and your home? Then please read our first case study of Maggie Davenport from Cheshire who got her solar panels installed a few months ago.

The Eco Experts asked her a few questions about her experience of getting solar panels in 2012.

1. Why did you choose to get solar panels installed?

Because I feel strongly I should try to contribute to energy saving. I have been recycling for nearly 30 years, used energy saving bulbs where possible since they came out, and now is the time for the next step to try and preserve a reasonable world for next generations.

2. Where do you live?


The scaffolding needed to install the solar panels

3. What size system did you get?

10 x 2.45 panels [This is translated to a 2.45kW Solar PV system]

4. How much did your solar panels and installation cost?


5. What brand of solar panels did you get?


Solar panel mountings

6. How have your energy bills been affected?

I don't yet know, but I'm not too hopeful yet as there is so little bright light! [Did you know solar panles continue to produce electicity even on cloudy days]

7. Has your attitude to energy consumption changed?

No, I have always tried to be careful to afford my bills.

8. Have you received any FiT payments yet?

No, but I have checked with my supplier and I am registered so they should be on my next bill.

9. How long did it take to install?

It took two men five days, but there were weather interruptions.

10. What do your neighbours think?

I don't really know, they have commented and asked questions but not said whether they think it is a great or bad idea. Two more installations have been made quite close by, following my installation, but they are probably not linked.

2.45kW Solar PV Panel System

11. Are you happy with your system?

So far so good.

12. Any advice for others who want to get solar panels installed?

If you have the money spare, go for it!

Thanks Maggie. What do you think? Please leave your comments below. You can also read our second case study here.

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