Tata Power Solar Panel Cost

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Who are Tata?

Tata Power Solar is one of the largest manufacturers of solar panels and photovoltaic systems in the world. They were founded in 1989 in a joint venture between Tata Power, a large Indian multinational company, and BP Solar. However they have since bought out BP and rebranded to Tata Power Solar. It is one of the largest solar module manufacturers in Asia and currently has four manufacturing plants and eight regional offices spread throughout the Asian continent.

The company manufactures high quality solar modules for a wide range of domestic and commercial installations. They have provided solar panels for installations in the healthcare, telecommunications, education and banking sectors. They are also one of the leaders in the hybrid solar panel systems field. Their sales have increased dramatically over the last twenty years, from 16million sales in 1992, to over 9billion sales in 2011.

Tata Power Solar has more than 200 dealers and 30 authorised service centres spread around India and also have a considerable market presence in neighbouring Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Tata's Company Philosophy

They say their company philosophy is based on helping to promote sustainable forms of energy production by promoting the use of environmentally friendly forms of energy.

Tata's Solar Panel Production

Tata manufacture high quality mono and multi-crystalline solar modules. Their modules are used in a wide range of solar based products including home lighting systems, street lights and telecommunications systems. Their state of the art 125 MW module manufacturing facility is capable of processing mono and multi-crystalline wafers and is one of the largest in Asia.

Tata Power Solar not only provide solar modules for the Asian and international market. They also produce solar powered refrigerators, road studs, water pumps and lanterns.

Costs of Tata Solar Panels

The price of having a Tata solar panel system installed in your property will depend on a number of factors. The include your location, your property type and the number of panels you want installed. As a general guide, a 2KW solar system capable of powering an average sized home would cost between £5-7,000 to install. A 4KW system might cost £8-10,000, again depending on the above factors. However, Tata are known for producing relatively reasonably priced solar panels.

Solar Panel Comparison Sites

If you are looking to buy Tata solar panels, it might be a good idea to use a comparison site which specialises in this particular industry. These will allow you to directly compare the prices of Tata panels with other manufacturers such as Kyocera, Sharp, Sanyo and Suntech.

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Tata Solar's Large Commercial Ventures

Tata have tried to get as many homes and businesses as possible in India using solar power as they can. They hope to achieve this by offering their panels and services at a very competitive rate to encourage the large scale uptake of solar power among residential and commercial customers.

So far the response in India has been very positive, with homes and businesses all over the country showing an increased interest in solar power.

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