Sunforce Solar Panel Reviews and Price Information

Who are Sunforce?

Sunforce Products are one of the pioneering corporations involved in the manufacture and distribution of clean energy products, including solar panels. They have been trading since 2005 and hold international offices across Europe and Asia, their headquarters in Canada.
Their solar powered products range from simple panels, for providing a renewable energy source to the household, to security products including alarms and lights. They also provide wind turbines for harnessing wind as an additional energy source, and inverters which allow you to convert battery power into useable household power.

Why consider switching to renewable energy?

With the effects of carbon dioxide on our environment now more recognised than ever, households have a responsibility to address their carbon footprint. What many people do not know is how simple switching to a renewable energy supplier can be.
Although installing a household with a solar panel system can be expensive, the benefits can soon outweigh the costs. Not only does it reduce the need for an outside energy source, but since 2010 energy companies are required to make payments to those who generate their own power.

Retail Outlets

Finding retailers that stock Sunforce products will depend largely upon your country of residence. In the United States these products are widely available and stocked by a large variety of well-known retailers; for example Amazon, Costco, Best Buy and Target. This list is not exhaustive and only reflects a fraction of suppliers. Canada also offers a fair amount of suppliers of Sunforce products.
Fortunately there are a large number of retailers that offer home delivery options, therefore transporting your products home will not be an issue if you can find free delivery, or are willing to pay a small fee for delivery.
Outside of the United States retailers are far scarcer. In Europe, the Caribbean, Brazil and India, there are only a couple of retailers available; therefore Sunforce products can be obtained, however there will be very little option to compare prices.


Owing to the sheer number of retailers available for Sunforce products, and variety of products, it is impossible to give a fixed and definite price on each individual product; however below is a general average of some of the prices.
Solar panels and solar panel system packages may range anywhere from £50 to £250 based on a bracket surmised from reviewing several retailers. The upper range of this price bracket is reserved for full systems involving several panels and the kit required for installation, although this option may only be offered by some retailers.

The best plan of action would be to consult a number of different retailers to get the best price possible, and view individual reviews on each retailer.

Review and reception

Reviews of Sunforce products are mixed but generally positive; however finding reviews can prove reasonably difficult due to the popularity of renewable energy products being considerably low at the moment.
On the whole, reviews for solar panel products are mostly positive, with reviewers commenting on the efficiency of the power output, value for money, quality and battery life. Criticisms of the products are few, but are generally focused upon the need to buy additional singular components when purchasing a Sunforce solar panel kit.

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