Solarworld Panel Review

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History of Solarworld

Solarworld is a manufacturer of PV solar panels and products. It is based in Bonn, Germany and is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Solarworld was founded in 1988 as a producer of PV panels before being merged with SolarworldAG in 1998. Shell have handed over their solar power business activities to Solarworld. Their turnover for the year ending 2010 was .305 billion. The company has production facilities in Germany, Spain, France, South Africa, Asia and the USA, employing over 3,352 staff. Solarworld oversee all the steps in the development and production of their photovoltaic modules and cells, meaning that they have complete control of the production process from start to finish. Their manufacturing facility in Hillsboro, Oregon is the largest solar production facility in the United States.

Market Presence

The company has development and production sites in all the key market areas. Their biggest production facilities are in Germany and the United States and this is where the bulk of their production takes place. The German and the US markets are regarded as making up more than 50% of the global solar market. In total SolarworldAG has production sites in 13 countries around the world, including sites in Asia, seen as one of the biggest growth markets of the future. Their presence in these locations means that their high production and environmental standards can be met. This is due to factors such as good local infrastructure, a large pool of local expertise, good local traditions of research within the solar industry and strong links with regional suppliers.

Product development

Solarworld AG make a wide range of solar panels and products including cells for use in solar modules, solar panels (both poly and mono crystalline) and fully integrated roof-mounted PV systems. Their Sunmodule Plus range of panels uses state of the art technology and is regarded as one of the best of its kind in the industry.

The Solar2World Programme

The Solar2World programme is a charitable venture undertaken by Solarworld to provide solar panels and photovoltaic technology to under-developed, poorer countries.
The programme is most active in rural parts of Africa and South America. The goal of the venture is to provide environmentally clean, free electricity to areas of the world that need it the most, to power vital projects like schools, clinics and clean water pumps. Solar2World has been involved in providing relief to the victims of the Haiti earthquake. In 2009 Solar2World donated solar panels to power an off-grid Health Clinic in Boucan Harre, Haiti and in fact since the earthquake has donated enough solar modules to power 10 Water Missions pumping stations in Port au Prince. Indeed, sustainability and a commitment to helping the environment is very much at the heart of Solarworld's company philosophy. Much of their manufacturing base and supply network is in the US and Germany specifically because both these countries have very strict environmental regulations. They have also developed their production techniques so that toxic waste has been virtually eliminated from the manufacturing process. And ion top of all that, their re-cycling policy means that virtually all broken or otherwise unusable solar panels can be re-cycled and the materials re-used, meaning that their manufacturing process is fully sustainable from start to finish.

What makes Solarworld panels so good?

The reason why Solarworld panels have such a good reputation is that the manufacturing process that goes into making them is 100% controlled by Solarworld, even down to the raw materials used. They have their own 'in-house' quality control procedures in place to ensure that the materials used are of the highest quality. Also, because Solarworld have such a wealth of experience of making panels for the business and commercial world, they know exactly what it takes to make a good system. This knowledge is valuable and can be applied to the systems they make for people's homes.

Choosing to buy Solarworld panels

If you decide that you want to purchase Solarworld panels, one of their advisers will help you make the decision. A qualified adviser will come to your property and advise you as to the best and most appropriate panel system for your property. The installation will be carried out by installers who have been trained and certified by Solarworld themselves. The panels come with a 25 year guarantee and ongoing protection and support from Solarworld should it be needed. Solarworld solar panels are also among the most hardwearing panels in the industry. Their frames can withstand up to 113lbs per square inch of pressure as opposed to the industry standard of around 50lbs.

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