Review of Romag Solar Panels

DISCLAIMER: Our partners no longer take appointments for homeowners looking to benefit from the Feed-in Tariff, which is due to end on 31st March 2019

Who are Romag?

Romag is a leading UK glass processing company and one of the few manufacturers of solar PV panels in the UK. Their expertise with glass products for architectural purposes is vast and includes laminating, toughening and bending, as well as numerous solar control products. Their glass products, including solar panels, are sold under the collective name of PowerGlaz.

Understanding the UK Market

Romag's SMT 6 Series offers a range of solar panels with outputs from 175Wp to 235Wp. The modules are built at the same location as the glass is processed. Romag claims that by keeping production under one roof, availability, logistics and quality control is greatly improved. Romag can also boast that their SMT 6 Series were the first solar panels in the UK to achieve the BSI Kite mark for MCS accreditation, meeting the full requirements for the Feed In Tariff (FIT).

Helping to Lower the UK's Carbon Footprint Further

Romag state that by keeping the whole manufacturing and delivery process close to home, their solar products are achieving some of the lowest CO2 content available. This is because many of the other solar panels being used in the UK come from distant corners of the world, which can mean that delivery alone can clock up many carbon miles.

Useful Features

Like many other PV modules, Romag's solar panels have no moving parts that can wear out and get damaged, requiring costly replacements. They also say that when their panels are installed at an angle of over 20 degrees they become self-cleaning in most locations.

As the desired angle for solar panels in the UK is between 30-35 degrees and this is also the pitch of the average UK roof, this makes them well-suited to the UK market and helps to keep cleaning and maintenance costs to a minimum. However, Romag do recommend a yearly inspection of the modules so that any build up of grime can be cleaned off.

Romag Keeps It Simple

The Romag SMT 6 Series consists of highly efficient PV modules made from polycrystalline silicon solar cells which are the most popular choice and usually the most economic for domestic grid-tied applications. To minimise power loss from shading caused by typical UK cloudy weather conditions, bypass diodes are used.

Along with acid-etched cells, especially high yields can be achieved. In order to simplify matters further for homeowners and their installers, Romag provide a selection of 8 standard PV kits ranging from 1.2kW to 4.00kW. They come with the necessary components and are ideal to meet the requirements for the highest Feed In Tariff for retrofit PV installations in the UK.

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