Phono Solar PV Panel Review

DISCLAIMER: Our partners no longer take appointments for homeowners looking to benefit from the Feed-in Tariff, which is due to end on 31st March 2019

Who are Phono Solar?

Phono Solar are a company based in Switzerland who supply photovoltaic (PV) panels and micro-wind turbines to domestic properties. They also have an impressive portfolio of larger scale PV projects on a megawatt (mW) scale, used in power plant production globally. The company are a marriage between Chinese SUMEC Group Corporation and Phono Technologies Switzerland AG.

Their company is highly reputable, investing in research and development of new technologies in collaboration with European academic institutions. With a global market, the company are leaders in the PV field.

The company are actively involved in promoting themselves as leaders in quality, design and technology, by exhibiting and holding a key presence at the leading European exhibitions and conferences. In 2011 they have already attended the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi UAE; held in the UK; the International Ecotec Exhibition in Athens; the 2011 Yorkshire and the Humber Microgeneration Conference and Awards; Solarexpo 2011 in Verona, Italy; and the largest international exhibition, the Intersolar Europe 2011 in Munich, Germany.

Phono Solar PV Quality

The range of solar PV systems comes with a five year product guarantee. All PV systems lose efficiency over their lifespan, regardless of manufacturer, so choosing a manufacturer who can give a guarantee of performance output over time is reassuring; Phono Solar PV panels are guaranteed to still be at least 90% efficient after 10 years use, and 80% efficient after 25 years use. The panels carry a list of certification, adhering to strict European standards.

Phono Solar have pride in producing PV panels that are of first class quality, and their range is subject to a rigorous testing process. They are also proud of their unbeatable prices and clearly boast this on their manufacturers' website.

Phono Solar PV Range

Phono Solar produce a wide range of modules to suit all pockets. The highest performance monocrystalline panels range from 75 Watts to 240W output, in two standard sizes. They produce this same range in polycrystalline formation. They do not supply the lesser quality, inferior performance amorphous panels. Panels have a number of features, such as tempered glass and encapsulation for higher performance and better protection against the elements, and silicon sealing cement to prevent chemical reactions occurring internally.

Phono Solar PV Prices

Prices are extremely reasonable for Phono Solar products and installation and are highly competitive with other major brands such as Sharp, regularly beating them on performance.

The prices vary according to the size of the system, but typical values are around £2,000 for installing a smaller 1kWh six panel system; a 2.28 kWh (standard home size) twelve panel system costs less than £4,000; and a 3.99 kWh twenty-one panel system should be around £7,000 installed. The prices include VAT. These prices will vary with the installation company chosen, so shop around for the best deals.

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