Mitsubishi 225w Solar Panel Reviews

Mitsubishi's Solar Panel Credentials

It was back in 1976 when Japan launched its first commercial satellite and Mitsubishi participated in hundreds of related projects which led to the development of many extremely reliable PV power generation systems. They now combine their state-of-the-art technologies and experience of operating in tough conditions gained from their space related projects to provide high performing PV solar panel systems for an amazing variety of uses including grid-tie and off-grid applications.

Over 35 Years' Experience

Mitsubishi Electric now has over 35 years experience in the manufacture of photovoltaic solar panels for homes and businesses around the world and is considered one of the world?s leaders in this field of technology. Their name has come to be associated with excellent workmanship in all that they produce from air conditioning to visual information systems and their dedication to energy and particularly solar power systems is no exception. They are certainly showing their commitment to the environment in their use of eco-friendly manufacturing processes and using minimal packaging and recyclable steel pallets and are ISO 14001 certified.

Mitsubishi's 225W Modules

The attention to detail expected from a company like Mitsubishi is apparent in their 225W polycrystalline silicon solar panels. The panel's frame has been sloped to help prevent a build up of dust on the module and straight tabs for the electrical connections have been used in order ensure their integrity. Mitsubishi have also included a number of features to improve efficiency which include a unique 4 bus bar cell design; back film and high transmittance glass, that helps to increase the amount of light absorbed and a bypass diode that will maximise power output during shaded conditions.

Safety and Durability Features

The 225w module weighs just 20kg (44lbs) which makes it easier, faster and, therefore, safer to install than many of its competitors. However, being lightweight doesn't mean it's less durable. It's been engineered and tested to withstand tough climatic conditions. The glass used has been tempered and the modules have locking connectors which add to its safety. The new design anodised is corrosion-resistant. There are 60 cells in a series and the dimensions are 1658mm x 994mm x 46mm (65.3in x 39.1in x 1.8in).

Warranty and Certifications

Although the Mitsubishi 225W solar panel has a 25 year warranty period at 80% power output, there doesn't appear to be a 90% power output or workmanship warranty period available for this model.

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