JA Solar Panels Prices and Reviews

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JA Solar

Incorporated in 2005, JA Solar quickly established themselves as a world leader in the development and production of high quality and highly efficient solar cells. Solar module manufacturers the world over use JA Solar cells in their solar PV modules. JA Solar specialize in providing mono-crystalline silicon solar panels and cells to large commercial concerns for power plants and utility use.

JA Solar solar panels prices are available to manufacturers around the world however are not generally available for purchase on the consumer level although you may see individual JA Solar products for sale in various markets.

Panel Prices and Reviews

JA Solar PV panel prices will vary according to their output power and JA Solar PV systems are available for bespoke system design. It is possible to see individual JA Solar solar panels for sale for around £150 for a 100 watt mono-crystalline silicon PV panel in the UK.

JA Solar UK prices are less common from suppliers in the UK and it would appear that the best way to source them is from a reputable solar PV supplier large and established enough to have international contacts with a stock of JA solar products. JA Solar panel reviews all present JA Solar panels as amongst the best on the market with their mono-crystalline silicon solar cells reaching efficiency levels of up to 19% and having a design reported to enable very easy soldering during solar panel production.

JA Solar- Solar Modules

JA Solar also manufacture solar PV panels for commercial, corporate and large utility scale projects for international solar developers. JA Solar modules are constructed with high transmission low tempered glass with a strong mechanical resistance and all come with a 10 year product warranty including defects and malfunction, 10 year 90% performance warranty and a 25 year 80% power output warranty.

JA Solar can also build solar panels to customer's individual requirements for larger projects.

JAM 5L 72 is 15.8cm x 80.8cm x 4cm and and weighs 15.5 kg. The STC rating of this panel is 280.
JAM6 72 is 19.7cm x 99.1cm x 5cm and weighs 27.5kg. The STC rating of this panel is 285
JAM6 60 is 16.5cm x 99.1cm x 4cm and weighs 19.5kg. The STC rating of this panel is 200.

JA Solar Technology

JA Solar uses their own proprietary technology to purify metallurgical quality silicon to produce industry leading solar cells. Production cost are kept low due to the lower costs of metallurgical grade silicon compared to electronic grade silicon and their proprietary production technology ensures high quality results. With long-term research and development efforts, JA Solar remain in the forefront of solar PV technology while been able to provide large scale solar projects at competitive prices.

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