Hyundai Solar Panels

Who are Hyundai?

Hyundai was originally a multinational corporation based in South Korea. They were formed in 1947 in Seoul and specialised in automobiles, construction, heavy industry, steel and defence. They became defunct in their original form in 2003 after undergoing a massive restructuring process following the 1997 East Asian financial crisis. The original Hyundai company has since been broken up into many different companies, perhaps the most well known of these being the Hyundai Kia automotive group. Hyundai remain one of the largest and most well-known brand names in Asia, with huge economic and political influence in their home country South Korea. One area that they have branched into in recent years is the photovoltaic industry and they are now one of the largest manufacturers of solar pv panels in the world.

Hyundai Solar Panels

Hyundai's subsidiary company Hyundai Heavy industries are responsible for their solar panel manufacturing. Hyundai opened its flagship million solar module production plant in North Choong-cheung province in 2007 and now produce around one hundred and twenty million dollars worth of solar modules every year. They also produce an annual capacity of around 600 MW of energy every year. They have recently expanded in to the European market and now sell solar panels in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Eastern Europe. They have also recently joined forces with French multi-national Saint-Gobain to build Korea's first thin-film solar plant in a venture worth a hundred and thirty million dollars.

In the UK, a 250W solar module will cost from around two hundred and fifty to three hundred pounds. All Hyundai solar panels come with a three year workmanship warranty.

Hyundai Solar Panel Features

Hyundai Heavy, Hyundai's heavy industry manufacturing subsidiary, manufacture a wide range of solar panels, both mono and multi-crystalline, as well as solar inverters. Solar inverters are the devices that convert the DC electricity produced by the panels into AC power that we use in our homes.

Hyundai solar modules are renowned for their compact design and are lightweight and easy to install. They have a guaranteed 90% performance output for ten years and 80% performance output for twenty years.

Other Features of Hyundai Solar Panels

One reason why Hyundai's solar modules have such a good reputation is that Hyundai control every aspect of the manufacturing process, from the silicon used through to the module construction. Their panels also perform particularly well in dim, low-light conditions, meaning that they produce more energy all year round, even when it is less sunny.

Hyundai panels have been shown to consistently offer the best value for money of all the major solar panel manufacturers in terms of the energy they produce and regularly come in the top three of consumer surveys regarding the most popular solar panel manufacturers.

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