Canadian Solar Review

Who are Canadian Solar?

Founded in 2001, Canadian Solar have become one of the solar industry's leading manufacturers and have established an excellent reputation within the renewables market for their innovative and effective products. The company has its headquarters in Ontario, Canada, but has based its manufacturing process in mainland China, enabling high production values with lower manufacturing costs.

With customers in over 30 countries and an established presence in North America, Europe, Australia and the Far East, it has a strong position in the field of renewable energy and posted an annual turnover of 0.5 billion at the close of 2010.

In June 2011, Canadian Solar announced a collaboration with the Spanish energy generator Isolux and embarked on a project to construct three 5MW solar farms in Cornwall, at a cost of 40 million Euros. The installations at Manor, Churchtown and Langford were completed and operational in just 10 weeks from inception and now generate a combined 15 MW of renewable power from a total of 22,000 of Canadian Solar modules.

Dr Shawn Qu, Chairman and CEO of the company expressed his pride that Canadian Solar had been selected as the solar industry's representative for the project, and indicated that this could just be the start of future partnerships within the UK.

Canadian Solar Modules

Canadian Solar's high energy generation panels are constructed using 5-6 inch poly-crystalline and mono-crystalline cells which have been developed to make them suitable for use in all manner of applications; from domestic, residential properties and commercial sites to the more challenging demands of an extensive solar energy generation plant.

The entire range of Canadian Solar products have been awarded certification from the TUV (Technischer Uberwachungsverein) the German safety standards regulator; the IEC (International Electrotechnical Committee) and the American based company UL, which has, since 1894, been awarding accreditation only to products demonstrating the highest standards of safety and efficacy.

All of the solar panels have been developed for use in the most extreme climatic situations; they can withstand exposure to highly corrosive atmospheric conditions and their structure will allow them to maintain their functionality after the heaviest of snowfalls. The company is proud to offer a 10 year product warranty and will guarantee the linear module power output for 25 years.

The Future for Canadian Solar

At this time of global economic uncertainty, is the future looking optimistic for the continuing success of Canadian Solar?

In December 2011, shares in the company leapt by 42% following news that Canadian Solar Solutions Inc; a sole-owned subsidiary of Canadian Solar; had signed a trade deal to provide a $470 million (Canadian), 86MW Solar AC installation to the TransCanada Corporation.

This was followed in January 2012 by a Reuters editorial reporting that Canadian Solar were having to increase their production capacity of solar modules to meet an unexpected demand from European orders.

It is thought that news of possible reductions in the German government's subsidies for the installation of renewable energy applications due for April 2012, had stimulated a surge in consumer interest from householders and businesses who were anxious to take advantage of the existing benefits before they were revoked.

It would seem that Canadian Solar can expect to enjoy further growth and productivity as it continues to establish itself at the forefront of the solar energy market.

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