Bosch Solar Panels

Bosch is long established company which was set up over a hundred and twenty years ago and now operates in over sixty countries worldwide. Bosch manufacture solar PV panels in addition to solar thermal panels as part of their renewable energy operations. PV panels are used to generate electricity for the home, while solar thermal panels are used to generate hot water.

In the UK, where a large number of installation companies offer Bosch products, Bosch solar panels can be purchased individually or can be fitted as part of a solar system. Additionally, Bosch manufacture and supply solar panel accessories such as solar panel covers, pumps, filters and pipe flushing.

Bosch Solar PV Panels

Bosch produces a range of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels including moncrystalline panels as well as thin film solar models. The range of monocrystalline panels generally include sixty or forty eight solar cells with the main difference between panels being the connector that is fitted. There is the option to choose a panel which has either a black or a metallic frame.

The panels engineered by Bosch include their unique PERC technology. This Passive Emitter and Rear Cell technology has significantly boosted the efficiency of Bosch Panels.

Bosch solar panels have demonstrated some of the greatest efficiency of any solar panels available on the market, reaching ratings of over nineteen and a half percent. All solar panels supplied by Bosch come with a ten year warranty and a twenty five year performance warranty.

Bosch Solar Thermal Panels

Panels which are used to create hot water are known as collectors and are typically available as flat plate models or evacuated tube collectors. Bosch has two models of flat plate collectors available, the FKT-1 high performance panel and the FKC-1 standard performance panel. Both models benefit from a durable structure as they are constructed from a fibreglass frame and solar safety glass. They also benefit from a high selective absorber coating and the fastest hydraulic collector currently available on the market.

As solar thermal systems require cylinders to store the water once heated, Bosch also supplies storage tanks. The tanks are available in either an eighty or one hundred and twenty gallon capacity. Bosch also supply solar panels which are exclusively designed to heat residential swimming pools, as well as combined residential hot water and pool systems.

Costs and Savings

Bosch solar panels are available to buy from suppliers for a few hundred pounds per panel. To install a Bosch solar PV system will generally cost somewhere between £11,000 and £16,000, and to install a Bosch solar thermal system can cost anywhere between £3,000 and £7,000. The costs will vary depending on the specifications of your particular installation.

If Bosch panels are fitted by a supplier approved under the government's Microgeneration Certification Scheme, they will be eligible to earn cash back. For solar thermal systems this will be under the Renewable Heat Incentive and for PV panels, the scheme is known as the Feed In Tariff.

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