How Much Do 3kW Solar Panel Systems Cost?

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A 3kW solar systems can cost as little as £3,950 and you can expect to earn up to £6,320 over 20 years.

The Feed-in Tariff is reduced every quarter, so install now to lock in your tariff at the current high rate for 20 years.

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3kW Solar Panel Systems

3kW solar panel systems are a popular residential solar panel option for many households in the UK.

However, if you have enough space on your roof, you will earn more by installing a 4kW system.

A 3kW system requires approximately 21 square meters amount of shade free roof space whereas a 4kW systems requires 28 square meters of roof space.

A 3kW is still a popular option and will deliver a healthy return on investment. Typically you can earn up to £6,320 over 20 years.

However the government are reducing the Feed-in Tariff every quarter, so you will earn more by installing now. Once you have installed and registered your panels, you lock-in the Feed-in Tariff for 20 years. Learn more

How Much Does a 3kW System Cost?

Prices of 3kW systems have fallen by over 70% in recent years. The table below compares the price of a 3kW solar panels to other similar sized systems.

Typical System Size

Approximate Roof Space

Estimated Cost (£)

Estimated Annual Output

Profit Over 20 years

8 sq m
14 sq m
21 sq m
28 sq m

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How Much Will You Make by Installing a 3kW System?

If you are considering installing solar panels, you will earn more by installing sooner rather than later. This is because the government are cutting the amount the Feed-in Tariff pays out every quarter. Once you've installed and registered your panels, you are locked in to the current tariff rate and will not be impacted by future cuts.

The table below shows how much a typical 3kW system will earn you:

Typical System Size

Return per Year

Return over 20 years

Profit over 20 years


Is a 3kW Solar Panel System Right for You?

While a 3kW system will generate a good return on investment, a 4kW system will deliver an even higher amount of earnings. So if you have adequate roof space you will want to also consider a bigger sized panel than a 3kW.

It’s always best to speak to installers you receive quotes from about this; they will be the best people to advise on your situation and property.

Cheap 3kW Systems

Be careful when choosing a solar panel based on price alone. Often more expensive makes and models outperform the cheaper options. The greater the power output the greater the return from the feed in tariff scheme, so the best value option may be the more expensive one. Check the specifications of each model to calculate your potential return.

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