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Download your free copy of the definitive guide to installing solar panels ! The 123 page essential manual contains everything you need to know about how solar panels work and and how to make money from them.

This guide leads you step by step through the complete process from how to assess the suitability of your house for solar panels, including how to finance your solar build and calculate your returns, through to how to find reputable installers and what to expect.

This informative must-read manual for anyone considering installing solar panels contains the very latest Government Feed in Tariff figures and up to date policy guidelines.


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Mr & Mrs Toulson, West Midlands

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How To Make Money From Solar Energy: Table of Contents

  1. Chapter One - Introduction - How You Can Make Money From Solar Energy
    Why choose to install solar panels, the basic facts explained and myths dispelled as well as a simple FAQ section.
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  3. Chapter Ten - Selling Your Solar Powered Home
    Solar as a selling point, adding value for the future, how to calculate the premium or take the tariff with you.
  4. Chapter Two - The Feed In Tariff Explained
    How to qualify for the Government's feed in tariff scheme, checking your eligibility, FAQs and a 9-step checklist for earning from solar energy.
  5. Chapter Six - Choosing Your Solar Panels
    Calculating the best solar value, checking out solarPV products and detailed FAQs about choosing solar panels.
  6. Chapter Eleven - Feed In Tariffs For Commercial And Non-Domestic Properties
    How to make money from farm buildings, schools, industrial buildings and churches. Each with example costings.
  7. Chapter Three - Calculating Your Return From Solar Panels
    How is your return calculated, what factors affect it and example calculations showing returns from year one and your expected profit after 25 years.
  8. Chapter Seven - Solar System Components
    An explanation of solar panels, combiner boxes, inverters, batteries, protectors; and your export meter or feed-in, feed-out meter.
  9. Chapter Twelve - Other Potential Green Revenue Sources
    Wind turbines, hydroelectricity, anaerobic digestion; micro combined heat and power (Micro-CHP); and renewable heat incentives (RHI)
  10. Chapter Four - Surveying Your House For Optimum Solar Usage
    What to look for, the importance of sunlight and shade, reading the results and surveying your house for optimum usage.
  11. Chapter Eight - Free Solar Panels Vs Financing The Installation
    How to finance your solar panel installation, adding the cost to your mortgage and other sources of funding.
  12. Appendix Of Solar Insolation Values For The UK
    Solar insolation values for each region in the UK. Use to calculate your return.
  13. Chapter Five - DIY Solar Panels Vs Getting An Installer
    Accreditations explained, how to find an installer, what to expect from an installer and 2012/2013 dates to remember.
  14. Chapter Nine - Hidden Costs Of Panels
    Cleaning and maintenance, caring for components, warranty cover, insurance cover and does your roof hide any extra costs?