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Looking to find a builder who can take your home to the next level, or an electrician who knows their earth wire from their live wire? The Eco Experts can match you with trusted local tradesmen all over the UK.

From driveway pavers to talented tilers, all it takes is a few quick questions to get access to recommended tradesmen in your area. Use our site to get free quotes for projects starting now or in the future, and there’s no obligation to go ahead with a job once it’s been quoted.

How Does It Work?

1. Look through our list of trades and select the one that matches your job, then fill out the form.

2. We’ll pass your information to our home improvement partner who’ll carefully match you with rated tradesmen in your area.

3. Get quotes for your job or request a quote – for example, it might be possible to get a quote over the phone or the tradesperson might need to come to your home for a proper assessment.


The Local Tradesmen We Can Help You Find

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Find a Bathroom Fitter

Bathroom fitters will be able to install new basins, toilets, showers and baths, taking care of light plumbing, any tiling and painting, and even installing under-floor heating, if required. A good bathroom fitter will also remove and dispose of old fixtures, but this will sometimes come at a cost – so it’s a good idea to check whether this is included in your quote. We can help you find rated bathroom fitters who can make recommendations for your space and quote you on the work; just complete the form at the top of this page and we’ll put you in touch.


Local Bricklayers

Bricklaying is, quite literally, a hands-on job. There’s more to it than meets the eye – it’s not simply a case of laying cement and stacking bricks. Sound landscaping skills are necessary to ensure that the work is built to last and the end result matches your expectations. In addition to erecting walls, buildings and other structures, bricklayers can provide garden paving and even repair or repoint chimneys. Whatever your job, we can help you discover the best bricklayers in your area; just answer a couple of quick questions to kickstart the process.


Trusted Builders

Securing the services of a trusted builder is all-important because the foundations of your property will rely upon their expertise and diligence. Builders often take on a wide variety of tasks – for instance, they’ll oversee the construction process when a property is being built from scratch. If it’s an existing house, builders can create an extension and increase its market value in the process. A good builder is also a good coordinator, making sure materials arrive on time, and often plays an important part in obtaining necessary building permits and consents. To speak to experienced builders about your project, answer a couple of questions and we’ll do the rest.


Driveway Pavers

Driveway pavers bring curb appeal to a property, swapping drab concrete for block paving or simply maximising parking space, which will make your home more enticing should the time come to sell. There’s a huge range of paving to choose from and selecting the ideal combination of design, patterns and colours will not only enhance your home but make access and parking seamless. To get an expert opinion as well as free quotes, fill out our form and we’ll match you with trusted driveway pavers in your area.


Find an Electrician

It goes without saying that no one wants to live in a house riddled with faulty electrical connections. If you own an older property, you may want a complete rewiring job in order to bring it up to a safe standard. Or, alternatively, you may just need an electrician to come and install a new socket or fix a failing fuse box. We can connect you with qualified electricians across the UK – just complete the form


Local Kitchen Fitters

In many ways, the kitchen is the heart of a home and this makes vital that any new installation is well thought-out and completed to the highest standards. Whether your kitchen requires relatively cosmetic work – such as new kitchen doors and work surfaces – or entirely new cabinets and appliances, you’ll want safe and sleek results, all within a reasonable timescale and budget. Local kitchen fitters cannot only shave hundreds off the cost of a new installation compared to the big national installers, but they’ll be eager to maintain their reputation through quality work. If you want to speak to trusted kitchen fitters in your area, all you need to do is answer some simple questions.


Find a Loft Conversion Company

A loft conversion is one of the best ways to create more living space and can really breathe new life into a property. An initial inspection will answer vital questions like whether your loft is suitable for conversion and look at practicalities like where a staircase might sit. There are lots of other factors to be considered, too, including the type of conversion that’ll best suit your needs and budget. With the services of a good loft-conversion business, you can be sure that planning permission and building regulations approval will be met – and we can help you find those companies locally.


Local Painter and Decorator

A fresh lick of paint can transform even the most jaded of homes – and it’s a job that anyone can do, right? Up to a point, of course. But a trusted painter and decorator will provide the kind of quality finish that even the most talented of amateurs will find hard to match. If you want to be sure not to end up with uneven wallpaper or patchily painted banisters, a professional painter and decorator is a must. Just hit this link to complete our quick form and you’ll be in touch with professional painters in no time.


Plasterer Near Me

As with painting a decorating, plastering may at first appear to be an easy task – but obtaining the services of a professional will make certain that every angle is covered. For example, if you own a 2-storey property scaffolding will be needed for potentially precarious external work. A trusted plasterer can be relied upon to remove old plasterwork, too, or complete large-scale rendering jobs that can’t afford to be done shoddily. Drop us your details via our web form and we’ll link you up with rated people locally.


Find a Roofer

If there’s one part of a property that is particularly hazardous to work on, it’s the roof – something that an expert can take in his or her stride. If one or more of your upstairs ceilings develops water damage, it could be because roof tiles need replacing and that’s not something you’ll want to leave unfixed. What’s more, a professional roofer will possess the means to safely make repairs or renovations, while having experience working with materials such as slate, rubber and metal. We’ve got you covered when it comes to getting quotes from trusted local roofers – hit this link to fill out a quick form that’ll enable us to put you in touch.


Stoneworkers and Stonemasons Near Me

Stonemasonry combines artistry and practicality, and stonework manifests itself in a number of ways, from wall repairs and cladding to landscaping and the construction of a brand-new patio. A qualified stoneworker should, as a matter of course, remove any old masonry in order to carry out the necessary cosmetic or integral tasks. For great-looking results that will last for many years to come, an expert stoneworker is a must and you’re just a few questions away from the chance to get bespoke quotes for your job.


Swimming Pool Design and Maintenance

Who wouldn’t like the opportunity to dive into a swimming pool whenever the fancy takes? Whether you opt for an indoor swimming pool or one that’s outside your home, the services of a professional designer are essential. When your pool is complete – or even if you already own one, reliable maintenance will ensure that it remains in tip-top condition, and for as long as possible. Swimming pool designers can be hard to come by, and finding someone reliable to maintain your pool regularly can be a chore, so that’s why you can use our site to find rated people.


Tilers Near Me

No one wants a tiled surface that’s uneven, mismatched, cracked or discoloured. A trusted tiler will be a pro at achieving precise grouting, seamless edges and generally creating a clean-lined, attractive look to a room. From metro tiles to mosaic, your tiler will also be able to show you samples and help you find the best look for your bathroom or kitchen. Let us put you in touch with tilers near you by completing the short form.


Tree Services and Surgeons

An expert tree surgeon will be able to bring even the unruliest of specimens under control. An arborist has the skills, knowledge and certifications to safely make assessments and carry out whatever tree surgery is needed – from fertilising and pruning to even removing. So, if you’ve got some shrubbery that needs sorting, we can unearth the best local tree surgeons for the job; just complete this form.


Local Window Fitters and Conservatory Builders

There are so many ways in which the installation of new windows can benefit a property. Effective double glazing, for example, will help to reduce external noise while ensuring that cold air doesn’t creep in and warm air doesn’t escape. And, of course, installing a conservatory will add a new dimension to your home by providing additional living space. Having this type of work done isn’t cheap and there’s no doubt you’ll want to find experienced window fitters and conservatory builders to complete the job. We can link you up with rated people in your area, just by answering a few questions.

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