Government to Provide Energy Bill Support During Coronavirus Crisis

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Government to Provide Energy Bill Support During Coronavirus Crisis

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UK energy suppliers have laid out emergency measures to ensure vulnerable people are able to power their homes amid the Coronavirus outbreak.


More than four million people in the UK will receive support from energy suppliers in the coming weeks. Credit will be either sent in the post or automatically added to meters for those on prepayment meters. 

For further peace of mind, disconnection of credit meters will be completely suspended.

Customers struggling financially will also receive help on debt repayments. The Prime Minister has additionally hinted at reassessing, reducing, or pausing bill payment where necessary in the upcoming weeks.

Secretary of State for Business and Energy, Alok Sharma, recently announced “The government has committed to do whatever it takes to get our nation through the impacts of this coronavirus pandemic. Today those most in need can rest assured that a secure supply of energy will continue to flow into their homes during this difficult time.”

Self-isolation sparks problems

The Government has set up these precautions to support people in light of the Prime Minister’s advice to work from home. 

Social distancing and working from home will inevitably lead to households relying much more on their electricity supply. Whilst some people’s worries focus on paying bills, others fear that this surge of energy usage will be too much for the grid to handle.

The Energy Network Association has said: “We look after your gas and electricity networks, and have well-practised contingency plans in place so we can keep your energy flowing. We want to reassure you that we are prepared.”

You can also get the full details on the energy bill agreement at

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Tips to save on your energy bills

Although energy bills set to rise, there are a few things you can do to reduce your energy bills:

  • Replace traditional light bulbs with energy-saving bulbs 
  • Use a smart meter to track when and how you’re using most of your energy
  • Make the most of your energy – don’t block your radiators and avoid overusing your oven
  • Insulate as much as possible – block draughts around windows, doors, and loft hatches 
  • Only run your washing machine and dishwasher when they’re full

Head over to our page on how to save money on your energy bills if you want to find out more ways to keep the bills at bay. 

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