1000 Watt Solar Panels For Sale

1kW Solar Panel System

Solar panels tend to be manufactured as solar modules with power ratings no larger than between 200 and 300 watts. A 1000 watt solar panel would normally be referring to a solar panel system with various solar panels connected together to achieve 1kW of power such as 5x200watt modules.

A 1000 watt solar panel system for sale in the UK would normally be priced at around £1,499 including installation. Exact costs of 1kW systems will vary between solar panel suppliers and their individual charges for installation. A MCS approved 1kW solar panel for sale in the UK without installation can cost around £800 for the entire solar panel kit including 4x250w solar modules.

MCS Approved 1kW panels

Before purchasing a 1kW solar power system for your home make sure that it has been approved by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme. If it has not then it will not be able to earn you cash from Feed in Tariffs or FITs. FITs pay homeowners or businesses for all electricity generated using MCS approved solar panels.

MCS approval is mandatory so that standards of quality can be maintained within the UK and the MCS is the firm responsible of regulating solar products and energy companies on behalf of the Department of Energy and Climate Change or DECC.

Finding the Best 1kW Systems

Finding the best and most efficient 1kW solar panel system can be a complicated task as one has to have an in depth knowledge of all the factors which influence an advanced solar panel system design. Some companies may take advantage of a consumer's limited knowledge of solar panel system components so make sure that you educate yourself with how a system works and the types and specifications of the crucial elements of a solar panel system.

One of the best ways to find and compare prices from the top UK solar panel suppliers is to use an established solar comparison site.

Solar Information and Review Sites

Using the internet has become the single most used tool for researching products and services in the world, and sales companies know this. Consequently, it is easy for a solar panel supplier to put their best foot forward in terms of how they present themselves to future customers. A fancy website does not mean that a solar panel supplier/installer knows what they are doing with your money and your home. It means that somebody built a nice website for them, which says what they want consumers to hear.

It is far easier and safer to use the services of an impartial solar information and review site that have has an element of user contribution to gain useful information on solar companies and product reviews. These websites offer unbiased reviews on energy companies and solar panels with no preference for which product you decide to buy or which supplier you use. All information, reviews and comparison services are provided free of charge.

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