What Smart Meters does EON supply?

What is a Smart Meter?

Back in 2008, the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC), charged all energy suppliers with the task of installing Smart Meters in all of the UK's 27 million households and businesses before the end of 2020, presenting them with the biggest challenge they had faced since the introduction of North Sea Gas back in the 1970's.

Smart Meter technology will enable the energy suppliers to receive data directly from each consumer, showing exact usage, and will replace the need for manual or estimated meter readings, leading to greater efficiency and the opportunity for making economic savings.

EON Smart Meters

Although the UK's energy suppliers have until 2014 to commence installing Smart Meters to their customers, EON have been eager to implement the new technology as soon as possible and have committed to install 1 million meters before the end of march 2014, a target which they are, currently, well on the way to meet.

The Smart Meters or IHU's (In-home-units) installed by EON, will employ SMS technology, as is used in mobile phone communication, to transmit data from a consumer's home to their energy centre. They will replace all current electricity and gas meters, and will be fitted, free of charge to the customer, with EON undertaking all installation and maintenance work.

At the same time as installing the Smart Meter, a Smart Energy Display will be fitted inside the property, delivering a raft of data to the householder, detailing things such as; real-time energy consumption and attendant costs, CO2 emissions, when their energy consumption is excessive and how savings can be made. By fitting these displays it is hoped to give the consumer a greater control over their energy consumption and help them to save money by tailoring their usage to meet their exact needs.

Future Technology

Smart Meters installed by EON already have the ability to offer consumers using solar microgeneration technology, the opportunity to sell their unused energy directly back to the Grid, displaying how much has been saved and the profit generated.

Future developments will include using Smart Phone apps, giving consumers the capability to remotely control household energy use, through the Smart Meter, by switching off appliances when not at home. EON are also in the process of introducing Smart Thermostats, which will work in tandem with the current technology, and allow householders to switch the heating on when they are on their way home, and save money by turning it off if they are running late.

The Smart Meter technology looks set to herald a new era in the management of energy consumption, delivering the potential for smaller bills and raising awareness of our individual responsibilities to the global environment.

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