What Are the Advantages of Solar Energy

Installing solar panels at home can be a big decision with many pros and cons to weigh up and many factors to consider. Whether your motivation is environmental or financial, developing your property with green technology provides many obvious advantages but there are down sides to consider

The Advantages of Solar Panels

- Financial – Earn Money! PV Solar Panels typically provide an 8% return on investment guaranteed for 20 years under the Government’s Feed in Tariff scheme
- Ecological – Solar Panels generate renewable energy – environmentally friendly and reduce your carbon footprint.
- Financial – Save Money – Save up to £150 a year on energy bills
- Efficiency – Solar panels reduce your grid-energy consumption and installing them on your roof provides added insulation coverage for your home.
- Happiness – Doing your bit to save the environment will make you feel good
- Join the Club – Solar panels make great financial sense under the current feed in tariff scheme. Don’t get left behind
- Value of Home- Solar panels can increase the value of your home, they are considered an asset as will save the new homeowner money on energy

Disadvantages of Installing Solar Panels

• Financial – Solar panels require substantial initial capital to make the most of the earning potential from feed in tariffs.
• Maintenance – Roof mounted solar panels prevent access to the infrastructure of the roof and any necessary repairs or maintenance to the roof could incur significant costs
• Aesthetics – Some people find solar panels unattractive and feel they can spoil the look of a house or building
• Value of Home- Solar panels could decrease the value of your home if a potential buyer does not like them.
• Commitment – Solar panels are a long term investment where the benefits are most significant after a number of years.
• Disruption – Solar panels can take up to a week to install although in most cases complete installation takes 2 days.

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