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How The Whole Process Works

Within 10 minutes my phone rang & I was speaking to a representative of Sun Spirit who are based near Sunderland & I live near Teesside. They offered a surveyor to visit at 10:00 the next day [less than 24 hours] & I accepted. Imagine my surprise when not more than 30 minutes later another company based near York called me & also offered to see me the next day, which I also accepted.

The Sun Spirit rep arrived bang on time & although not a technical specialist he was able to answer most of my questions & contacted his office to clarify one or two points that I raised. To my surprise they said that they would be able to install a 4.0 kW system on my property within ONE WEEK and that this would be just inside the deadline for the FIT tariff of 43.3 p/kWh possibly being achievable. By way of explanation they already had a client in the same village who had their installation booked for the following Wednesday & this enabled them to double up with my system installation.

The next rep arrived as the first was leaving & they had an amicable chat on my driveway. The second rep was totally professional & advised me that they would be happy to supply a system but they could not achieve installation by the 1st March [installations after this date only qualify for a FIT of 21.0 p/kWh]

By lunchtime I had decided that I would accept Sun Spirit's quotation which, at just under £9000, I thought was very competitive & less than what I was expecting to have to pay.

Everything then proceeded to plan & I had the system installed & registered under the MCS scheme on the very last day that the higher FIT tariff would potentially apply.

Sun Spirit did a great job, the system has worked perfectly since installation & I have just received my first payment of £650 for the first 15 weeks of system operation. I should add that the panels are aligned within 5 degrees of due south and this enables optimum system output. I have not recorded in excess of 3.6 kW peak from the system to date but I was not really expecting the full 4.0 kW .........this is just the nature of product specifications & is analogous with motor vehicle "official" m.p.g. figures.

I was extremely fortunate to deal with Sun Spirit, have their system installed so quickly, & have the higher FIT tariff confirmed & index linked for the next 25 years........ I am a very happy bunny !!"

- Andy Alton, Teesside

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As I recall, for once I negotiated the site quite well; your phone call was polite and helpful and I was quickly matched with 2 local suppliers. I was contacted by each of them, visited by both, given the name and telephone numbers for people who had had solar panels installed by each and was able to make, what I thought was, an informed decision.

I have had solar panels installed - it was a difficult decision to choose between each company. In the end heart ruled head and I went with the smaller company.

- Maggie Davenport, Cheshire West and Chester Borough

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Everything fine. I approached two of the companies you referred me to. Both visited promptly. Went ahead with one and had everything installed before I received quote from the other.

My motivation a combination of communal responsibility to reduce use of hydrocarbons and the economic advantages – I believe energy prices will rocket over the next 5-10 years.

- Mike, Surrey

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It was very easy to find your site through Google and once I registered, I had a telephone call within an hour. I had 6 companies which gave me estimates and and all of them were very polite and helpful, I finally chose one which was local and had the most competitive price. I will be having my solar panels fitted in less than 2 weeks.

Thanks for your help

Dennis Douglas
Consett, Co. Durham, November 16, 2012.

Thank you for your assistance in providing local solar installers.

Liked your timely phone contacts and info trough email.

A no nonsense rep whose word was backed by web info,brochure,prize, later diligence of the workers installing the panels.

Sam Garcia,
abiding in Fife, November 8, 2012.

Hi thank you for all your work getting me the right people to do the job all was great and now looking for long hot summer day lol.

All the best,
Adrian, November 2, 2012

I found the website through Google initially and it was very useful. I was surprised at the efficient response and it saved me the job of researching installers.

I had two the local installers to the house for quotations and I would recommend them to others as being good ones to approach. I cancelled the third as I had decided on an installer. In the end I went for an installer – not really local (Newcastle) who had been used very successfully by friends – word of mouth is a powerful recommendation.

Moira Start,
Harrogate, October 24, 2012

Your website found me through my investigations for Solar PV .I entered my info and in a short period of time I was given two companies, one of which was Gendex from Holton Heath, who are fitting this coming week.. Both Reps were very polite and knowledgeable on thier chosen subject, both worked very hard and I felt terrible when I had to tell one company I had gone with the other!

The deciding factor was a local firm, family run with the right price, Many thanks for all your help.

John Griffith
Sunny Bournemouth, October 21, 2012

Good Morning, I appreciated the contact and one site providing links from several companies. The visits were made promptly although the companies varied significantly in their approach and information provided. I have placed an order and the decision was made on the basis of which firm best met the criteria on the "Which" Guide to purchasing Solar Panels and also had a local connection for follow up in the case of difficulty.

Sue, October 18, 2012

I am pleased with your service in finding the right solar companies, based on competitive quotation. I have found one (Eco Fusion) and work would start next week.

Thank you.

Anthony, October 12, 2012

service and info all been excellent product sold- simple as

Martin October 7, 2012

The service has been seamless. Many thanks.

Sue, October 1, 2012

Dealing with you was good from the start, telephone call was professional and I had 4 companies following up.

Decided to go with the local company, had been in business 10 years owned/part owned it's own SP factory in China.

The quote was within the budget I had in mind, warranties on the parts were good,(as were all of them).

Pay back was acceptable and FIT s were another way of supporting our pensions.

The recommendations from you to fit a meter to monitor our electric consumption had already been tried, but really if someone doesn’t know that kettles washing machines and dishwashers all use lots of electricity, then I wonder what planet they’re on!!.

The request for help deciding about solar energy with yourselves was a good move on my part.


Richard Cowley, September 29, 2012

I found your site from a 'pop-up' advert on my BT Email pages. The reason for contacting you was to find out the current cost of installing a 4kW PV system. I already have a small PV array and hot water solar installed in 2005. More recently in got rid of LPG which was costing over £2K per annum and installed a GSHP. This has been remarkable in that my use of electricity has only marginally increased.

Unfortunately for me I invested in these renewable energy systems before the generous incentives were introduced by the Labour government, although I qualify for the RHI. I was considering a loan under the Green Deal to increase the amount of electricity I generate myself. Your colleague was extremely knowledgeable and quickly answered my question about the latest PV Solar costs. I suppose the problem now for all those attempting to reduce their carbon footprint is that this government has renegged on all its claims to be the greenest ever and has put a right wing Tory idiot in charge.

Another point worth emphasising is that the coalition have missed a great opportunity to exploit the £1.5 billion held in savings by the 'baby-boomers' who stood to gain 8% growth from investment in PV Solar systems rather than the pitiful returns from other savings accounts which don't even cope with inflation. More importantly it was encouraging ordinary people to build renewable systems into their homes. Of far greater value than relaxing planning laws on extensions!

The minister at the time claimed the incentives were not sustainable even though it had nothing to do with the dreaded 'deficit'. The incentives were not funded by government but the major power companies and their lobbying power has prevailed. It could be argued that in the end the incentives would have been passed on to all consumers.

But that is exactly what the government resorted to when it announced that the way ahead was a Nuclear programme with all its environmental problems and huge infrastructure costs. This would ultimately be funded by the consumer. Suddenly that is sustainable?

He who pays the piper calls the tune!

I live in beautiful West Wales.


Roger Adams, September 28, 2012

It was very easy to use your site. Four companies contacted me and I asked three to give me a quote. We decided to proceed with a company called Solar Plants as we liked the fact that the panels are linked in parallel with a power optimizer and wecan look at the output of each panel. They have just installed our system, and the installation was carried out quickly and efficiently. We are now waiting for some sun!

- Colin Sparrow, Gloucestershire September 25, 2012

Your site was very quick in me getting contacts from solar panel installers.

We did proceed with an installer.

The most important thing to me is that I didn't want hard sell I didn't want a load of jargon about nothing & I didn't want false information. I went for the installer that gave me a good price straight talking & a good guarantee.

- Alan Edwards, Cornwall September 23, 2012

The response from Eco Experts was swift and connection to solar companies was immediate. Within a week's period I'd received five quotes. all of which were competitive.

The reason I offer to go forward with the installation is the relatively low cost of the investment for the overall financial and energy savings.

- John, Southeast of England September 20, 2012

"Just a quickie to say a BIG thank you for phoning me so promptly. You were very attentive, courteous and helpful. I am now with Solar Renewable."

- Sabena

The Eco Experts Our enquiry related to our cottage in Weston-super-Mare.

We were very happy with your service: someone from your office telephoned me within an hour of receiving my e-mail to make the preliminary enquiries as to our needs.

Your supplier then called promptly to discuss the situation with a confirmatory e-mail sent shortly afterwards.
An appointment was made, the assessor was on time, & a clearly detailed quotation was sent to us the following day.

Apart from the efficiency of your service, I would like to comment on the charm & helpfulness of all your staff. We were most impressed with your firm & are glad to have this opportunity to praise it.

- Margaret Stewart Fisher

"I had three very fast responses to my request.

Two surveys and quotes.

System within two weeks of first contact.

Very pleased with install and production."

- Greg Clare, Bircher, Herefordshire

"The service was good - saw the ad on the internet, made an enquiry and within the day was contacted by several local installers."

- Pauline Harle

"Received two visits from separate installers, both of whom were polite, non-aggressive in their sales pitch and very helpful and informative to boot. The two firms were Affinitus Energy and Eco Fusion Ltd, and had I decided to proceed, either would have been acceptable. I didn't think their prices were overloaded by commissions and there was no suggestion of discount for immediate acceptance.

As far as your involvement is concerned, I received useful information, which was accurate and promptly disbursed, and the whole operation went forward without a hitch."

- Alan Siddall, Danehurst

"Finding your site was as easy as one click after your email. Qualification was so easy I can’t remember too well how I did it because it was so quick. However, four solar installers soon telephoned me to quote and I was able to judge what was best for me. Because this many companies gave me information, I felt well qualified to make a judgement although not having any knowledge of the technology behind solar energy before."

- Susan Hurford, Swansea

"I contacted EcoExperts to say I was interested in fitting solar panels, and with the next deadline drawing near I was keen to progress this quickly. I found both the website and the follow up call to be fast, efficient and helpful. I was told that my details would be passed on to a number of approved fitters.

The response from the fitters varied. One called almost immediately and arranged a date/time for a surveyor to visit, at a time/date to suit me. The next (a day or so later) called to give me a quote over the phone, just by looking at my house on Google. They also emailed me some information. The third, a couple of days after this was similar in terms of looking at my house on Google. They promised to send me some information but didn’t. The final one called a week later, didn’t sound very professional, promised to send me stuff but never did.

The company which sent the surveyor round came across as a lot more professional. They carried out the survey, asked what was important to me, answered my questions/explained things to me, and put together a thorough package of works that met my needs. The price arrived at was the most expensive of all four companies, but I decided to go with them anyway as I trusted that they would supply quality components that met my needs, in a professional manner. This was Hatch Solar.

They arrived when they promised to and fitted the system in one day as promised. At one point there were seven people running around – in the loft, in the utility room, in the garden and on the roof. They did an excellent job, and I would recommend them.

Since fitting the panels a few weeks ago the system has generated more than I was expecting, so I am very pleased with this."

- Brian

I found your site via the advert in the b3ta newsletter. The site was easy to use and the telephone call operator was friendly, professional and efficient.

- Matthew, Isle of Wight

I contacted the EcoExperts site from the ad in Yahoo mail. EcoExperts were quick and helpful. I received two calls from installers and emails from another straight away.

- Nicky

I would like to thank you for the service you provided me and the way you performed. It was very professional and provided me with the information I needed without being intrusive.

- Bruce Favill

I first really noticed your web advertisement on my homepage on 11 July , and responded to your encouragement to take advantage of worthwhile solar pv installation deals currently available.

Your telephone response came within 5 minutes, and within perhaps 20 minutes - certainly within the hour - you had emailed me the names of two firms to whom you had given my details. No later than two minutes later I received a call from Absolute Solar and Wind (the other firm rang shortly afterwards) and an 'Absolute' surveyor visited that same evening, impressing us with his professionalism.

To cut to the chase, on 17 July I had a 4kW ground-mounted system installed, up and running - preparatory contractor work having been undertaken the previous day. On 18 July SSE received the paperwork accompanying with my FIT Application..

The reason we decided to do this was two-fold:

1. financial - the capital committed to this scheme is now yielding an income considerably in excess of my bank interest rate (we only wish we had understood this six months earlier!);

2. environmental - in generating electricity ourselves we are contributing in our small way to a reduction in carbon emissions associated with the national grid.

The time frame was tight, in anticipation of the reduction in the Feed-In Tariff on 1st August, but we had total co-operation from (and between) EPC Surveyor, local contractor and installer.

However, it was the immediacy of your initial response to me that made the whole undertaking possible. If the majority of firms I deal with in the course of a year catered for their customers' needs with the same alacrity, how much better off we should all be!

- John Caithness, Forres, Moray.

Your service was extremely prompt and I was matched with 3 local installers.

- Deirdre Eustace, Balmore Village

I got what I wanted from this site, which was information on solar panels with no obligation to buy. I had made it clear that mine was a fact-finding mission only and this was respected.

I was asked how many quotes I wished to receive and these were sent promptly by the most local and appropriate suppliers, enabling me to compare costs, services and advice.

- Nesta Nicholson Perth, Scotland

I was put in touch with a number of Solar PV suppliers as a result of contacting the eco experts, some much better than others at presenting themselves, and following on from that I now have a 4KW system, installed very quickly by EEC Solar, of Southport. I can't recommend this company highly enough. Their representative came and gave me very thorough presentation using a laptop, which explained everything I needed to know, and he also asked me regularly if I understood what he was saying, and did I need to ask about anything.

One other company sent a representative but he was only here for about half an hour, and left me with a few A4 pages to read. He seemed to focus mainly on the type of panels they used, which he claimed were "the best". Another comapny just sent me an email, and British Gas first 'phoned long after the system had been installed! Much too late. The early bird catches the worm?

So thanks to the ECO experts I was put in touch with a good company who have given me a good service.

- Rod Theobald

We found your web site with an advert on the internet, we had a call from Fenland solar and a follow up visit from their rep came to explain about solar panels and the benefits we would get. We ordered them there and then, much to the surprise of the rep. from there we had two surveys and an EPC was issued, the panels were fitted 10days ago and we are very pleased with them, and due to the weather we have been generating lots of electricity.

- Caroline & Bob Billinger

I was very very pleased with the swiftness of this whole project, taking just days from my first phone call and enquiry. The gentleman that came to visit me at first was very knowledgeable, explained everything in easy terms, I just needed one day to let me think it over then happy I asked for an installation.

The same man came back quick as lightening , let me know when the installers would arrive and the other man who carried out the survey. the team that fitted the panels were very efficient well mannered and knew the product very well. The only drawback was lack of information as to the urgency of letting my electricity supplier all the relevant details in order to get the higher tarrif in time!

- Stephen Boraston

I have had the Solar Panels fitted by EEC thank you for letting us have their name. I have also since read that the price has dropped from companies half way I suppose because of August the 1st going past. I did not choose the cheapest company as EEC said at least they will be around for enough years to ensure if anything goes wrong they will still be around to put it right, well I hope so anyhow.

- Pam Bushell.

The Eco Experts: Satisfactory service - bought solar panels from one of the recommended suppliers in Kingston. Happy with speedy response from you and suppliers Enviko.

- Sally Arthur, Kingston, SW London

You referred me to Safe Solar, for quotation for a small array of panels (6).

I was promised installation before 31/7 and this was done.

The crew that carried out the work went about it in a very satisfactory way, and completed the job in morning.

The wiring was explained.

So far very happy, one week.

- Richard Maddison, Fareham, Hampshire

I have had a visit from three potential suppliers. Each had their merits and contributed to my understanding of the subject of solar power,and its benefits. Subject to being able to arrange the necessary finance we intend to proceed but with which of the three is as yet undecided. The driving reason is obviously the financial benefits and the ecological advantage that follows.


Rodney Baylis, Chard, Somerset

I was really pleased with the way you organised companies to come and give me quotes for solar panel. The four you recommended were very helpful, polite and didn't push their products. I explained that if they gave any pressure I would walk away, but they were very good. We have now seen all four of them and, this week, we will make a decision which one we would like to go ahead.

Thank you
Mrs C Jones

Thank you for your e-mail. My wife and I found you helpful in getting us a quote from a company who can supply us with solar panels. Our house roof and that of the garage will be used to give us the necessary 4 kilowatts.

Terry Park

I was sent four possible installers contact numbers and contacted three of them. Due to the time pressure ( Tarriff Change on 1st August) I was only able to recieve one quote for this work.

The company I selected was EEC Solar and even nthough they were not 'Local' they did provide an excellent service.

I decided to have these solar panels fitted firstly to help with the environment , secondly to make best use of my finances (only getting a minimal return on bank investment) and long term to reduce the cost of my energy usage. Even if the quoted 10% return was not realised the return is going to vastly improve on my current situation.

I have been very pleased so far with the installation and it has changed the way we use electricity - now we use much more in the daytime when the solar panels are producing. The previous use at night time for washing machines etc. has now stopped.

I hope this information is useful to you.

Thank you for your assistance in the matter

Kind regards

James Mackley, Countesthorpe, Leicester

You were very helpful and I received three responses. I selected the one I thought could do the job best.

Derek, Salisbury

Thank you for the excellent service that I have received, after my email to your site you phoned within minuets I had my first contact the same day. The second contact made an appointment for the following Monday, he was excellent, gave a good and full informative presentation and we decided to go ahead and have a system installed, We have had the survey today (10/9/12), and are now waiting for a date to have the panels fitted, The company we are using is Solarage.

Thank you and your company for being so on the ball. We can help ourselves and the world to be a little greener.

Bernard Levesque, from Birchington in Kent

Really rather surprised by the contact to be honest. A gentle caring call, from an agent who listened and who's endeavor wasn't only a sale.

Found out the info, checked with supervisor about my specific issue, and offered me my next step, and said would call back in a month.

Very nice.

Kind regards

My enquiry was dealt with promptly.A phone call within minutes. Had four quotes and decided on a locally based company. Work completed on 31.08.12. All achieved in 2/3 weeks. Thank you.

Mrs J Culley

1.One phone call from set everything in motion. Had 4 quotes
2.Going ahead with the installation of solar panels.

Peter Herbert, Gravesend,Kent

I have received 4 contacts and am awaiting quotes from 2 of them (in one case I have an appointment for the rep to call 7 September.

Once all quotes are in I will have to choose which installer to engage.


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