Solar Space Heating

Passive Solar Space Heating

Solar space heating is often designed by professional solar energy system specialists. It involves capturing heat from the sun in a glass room or chamber with absorbing materials within the room. The stored heat cannot escape back through the glass and so remains within the room or chamber in the absorbing materials. This heat can be saved until when it is needed and the chamber mentioned could actually be a cleverly designed room within a building designed as a solar space heater. The absorbing materials of high thermal mass could be the floors of the room which release the heat when necessary and so become like a thermal store.

Active Solar Space Heating

Active solar space heating involves a collector plate that is used to absorb heat from the sun during daylight hours. The collector plate will then transfer the heat to where it is required by air or by liquid. Solar liquid collectors transfer the heat absorbed by the collector plate to a fluid that circulates around the plate and delivers this heat elsewhere, either to a thermal store for use later or through the pipes of an under-floor heating system. Solar air collectors use a similar principle to solar liquid collectors apart from the fact that instead of using liquid to move the heat elsewhere a fan is used to extract the air from the collector plate.

Solar Transpired Air Collectors

Solar transpired air collectors are usually deployed in large commercial applications and are another type of active solar space heating. Metal wall cladding that has been perforated is fitted to south facing walls behind which there is an air-way. The metal cladding becomes hot because of exposure to the sun and fans located at the top of the wall are used to suck the heated air up the air-way and into duct work. Such systems are usually used to pre-heat HVAC ducting systems.

Solar Space Heating Cost

Calculating the cost of solar space heating can only really be done by the specialists designing it as it is a bespoke solution. Even though it uses principles very similar to solar water heaters, solar space heating is a combination of solar thermal applications to achieve a highly tailored solution. Many modern commercial buildings incorporate solar space heating into their designs which see whole rooms becoming sunspaces that act as thermal collector plates. It is not impossible to use a greenhouse or conservatory to build a solar space heating system. For a list of reputable companies experienced in designing and installing solar space heating systems please use one of the free resources available on this website.
Solar space heating is a way of harnessing heat created by the sun by storing it in a room or chamber and transferring it by air or liquid.

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