Home Solar Heating

Introduction To Home Solar Heating

You can now install solar panels for your home to provide you with electricity or heating depending on the type you have chosen. They simply convert sun rays into energy. More and more people are choosing this option over older, more expensive technologies, as well as a number of other factors.

There are many companies that can talk you through everything and set up the solar heating panels for you. Just make sure they are properly qualified, insured and accredited by certificates such as MCS or NAPIT.

What are the advantages of solar heating?

There are many advantages of solar heating. First of all, it is much cheaper than having a boiler running off coal, gas or oil. These are all fossil fuels which are running out quickly and so demand can gone up, followed by the prices. This also means that if they run out, your home will have a back up, as it is able to run on solar power.

For as long as the sun is around, your system will work, even on a cloudy or winter day. It is a renewable source of energy and much more environmentally friendly as it does not produce carbon emissions such as carbon dioxide, which contribute to global warming.

Things to consider when looking into installing solar heating

The set up costs can be quite expensive for solar panel heating, as they can be expensive to purchase and install. However, there are a few ways around this. You could take out a loan as it will eventually pay back itself via the feed in tariffs. Banks would be more willing to lend you money, because for every unit of energy you make, you are paid for it.

You can even sell any excess to the National Grid, and all this income is tax free meaning it is completely yours and you don't need to give a percentage away to the Government. This may not be the most ideal option though. There are grants available if you cannot afford to set up your own solar panel. You need to look into this online to see if your home is eligible to receive this.

Always read the terms and conditions carefully, including the small print, as you may not be entitled to the feed in tariff income if you are given a grant to pay for it. You also need to check for planning permission before you get started, especially if you are in a listed building or area of natural beauty.

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