Reviews of Biomass Boilers

A Bright Future for Biomass

Speaking in December 2011, Energy Minister Charles Hendry stated that "Biomass is a huge opportunity for the UK which can help the country out of recession". He went on to say that the "renewable energy solution would offer us energy security, economic development in rural and urban areas and the potential for new green employment".

Figures released from the Office for National Statistics seem to bear this out reporting that in 2010, 16% of the UK's heat generation was derived from renewable sources. Biomass contributed 30MWe of installed capacity electricity to the National Grid, up 11% on previous years with the total generation being 297GWh, an increase of 27%.

As Biomass boiler technology becomes ever-more popular in UK homes, the need for efficient, effective and reliable systems from reputable manufacturers and suppliers is providing a welcome boost to the economy.

Tundra Wood Heating Systems

This well established company offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of cost effective, reliable wood burning boilers currently on the market. They have the UK's largest showroom, displaying over 15 models of Biomass systems suitable for all locations from domestic or small workspace, to larger commercial and industrial environments.

Tundra are able to offer their customers an excellent after sales service from their team of engineers who are on hand to deal with any problems which may arise. They also have links to the UK's largest supplier of wood chips and pellets and can offer customers contracts of 1-3 years duration with a guaranteed fixed price at the time of ordering.

One of Tundra's most popular models is the Compact 14 14kW wood pellet boiler. This system has an output of 4.4 -18kW and is ideal for a medium to large house installation. For such a powerful model, it is surprisingly compact with dimensions of 533mm wide x 1327mm high x 663mm deep, making it easy to integrate unobtrusively into the property.

It is also very low maintenance with an automatic ignition, self-clean and auto-feed features in addition to a circulation pump and adjustable heating programme. The 43kg integrated hopper means that storage can be accommodated internally with no need to venture into the cold to replenish the boiler.

Another Biomass solution which is ideal for domestic use is the CP 28 and the CP40. As their names suggest, these models deliver an output of 28kW and 40kW respectively. These fully automated systems are controlled by a microprocessor, allowing for a precise combustion control process. This provides the householder with fingertip regulation of the temperature of their property. The self-cleaning models are supplied with a 2 year warranty and any defective components will be replaced free of charge.

Wood Energy UK

This leading supplier of renewable energy solutions was founded in 2002 and has, since then, established a comprehensive portfolio of successful projects and installed systems with a generation potential in excess of 70,000kW. They have also been awarded the exclusive distribution rights to the wood burning boiler technology of Austrian companies, Binder and Hargasser, European leaders in the Biomass industry for over 20 years.

Wood Energy has access to the range of Hargasser boilers in the 49-200kW spectrum which are ideally suited for installation in a larger domestic setting or a smaller commercial environment. They provide an outstanding efficiency rating in excess of 93% (when tested independently) and have excellent functionality incorporating a fully automatic ignition, heat exchange, cleaning operation and ash disposal.

Binder Boilers have, for the last 25 years, been at the forefront of the Biomass technology and are still producing highly innovative, user friendly, efficient and robust systems suitable for any application. Their range of output is impressive; from 30kW for domestic installations up to 10mW for a large, industrial or commercial setting. Two of Binder's UK customers are The National Trust and The Eden Project which will stand testament to the efficacy of their products.

Colne Biomass Boilers

Located in East Anglia, this small local company is renowned for its responsive customer service and the quality of its after sales care. They are stockists and suppliers of the leading European Biomass technology provided by Janfire and Extraflame, whose precision engineered products have a reputation for being cost effective to run and efficient to use.

Janfire Systems have been supplying the European market since 1992 and offer the customer a user friendly system with very economical running costs and extremely low carbon emissions. Their Duoflame boiler has an impressive 46kW output, 91% efficiency rating and is suitable for installation in a larger property. The auto-ignition and self-clean features make it very low maintenance and with a choice of hopper capacity from 145kg to 3.5tonnes will suit all requirements.

For a smaller domestic property, the Integral TL30 has been designed to offer total flexibility of operation. It is very compact, has a 91% efficiency rating and delivers a 23kW output. The model also comes with the choice of either standard or power assisted modulation, has automatic ignition and has an extra large ash drawer to simplify cleaning.

The Italian made Extraflame LP30 is a Biomass solution designed for larger premises. It provides a 31kW output and has an extremely impressive 94% efficiency rating. With auto-ignition, an electronic programmable display and intuitive operational features, this system offers the perfect combination of cutting edge technology and environmentally friendly functionality.

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