How Much Do 3kW Solar Panel Systems Cost?

3 kW systems can cost as little as £4,000 installed, but only if get them from the right installer.

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a diagram showing how solar PV panels work

Cost of installation

According to the Energy Saving Trust, solar panel systems cost on average a little over £2,000 per kWp (kilowatt peak, which is the amount of energy the cell generates in full sunlight). A 3kW system (suitable for a 2-3 bedroom house) installed by an MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) accredited company would cost in the region of £4,000 - £7,000.

For more information on what you should expect to pay for a solar installation read The Cost of Solar PV

Approximate Roof Space

Typical System Size
Estimated Cost (£)

Estimated Annual Output

CO2 saved over 25 years (tonnes)

Estimated First Year Return
Profit Over 20 years
8 sq m
14 sq m
21 sq m
28 sq m

Long term rewards

A solar panel installation will allow you to save money on your energy bills, earn money through the Feed-in Tariff and also reduce you carbon footprint.

In the following two tables you can see exactly what you are able to save and earn.

Savings Per Year (Table)
Source of Income

What you can save/earn
Generation Tariff
Export Tariff
Electricity Bill Savings
Total per year

*Based on a 3.5kWp domestic system
Savings Over 20 Years (Table)
Amount of Years


Year 1
Year 5
Year 10
Year 15
Year 20

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Cheap 3kW solar panel systems

Be careful when choosing a solar panel based on price alone. Often more expensive makes and models out perform the cheaper options. The greater the power output the greater the return from the feed in tariff scheme, so the best value option may be the more expensive one. Check the specifications of each model to calculate your potential return.

EPC ratings

Houses that have an Energy Performance Rating of E or less will not be eligible to qualify for the FiT due to the energy efficiency of their home. Householders who are unsure about their EPC rating can check arrange an assessment from an accredited domestic assessor.

EPC & the Green Deal

The Government is launching a new green incentive aimed to lower carbon emissions and improve the energy efficiency of UK homes. The Green Deal allows householders to apply for funds to make home improvements such as boiler replacements, double glazing and insulation. The idea is that the energy savings will always exceed the loan repayment and will improve the EPC rating of the home.

This means that you can significantly increase the amount of money you receive from the feed-in tariff. Find out More about the Green Deal here

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