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Who Are Freetricity?

Freetricity PLC are solar panel installers with a difference, the difference being that Freetricity supply and install their solar panels for free. They provide this service for both domestic and commercial/industrial buildings and are can share their extensive knowledge of solar energy with their customers.

A further benefit of choosing Freetricity if you are considering solar panel installation is that Freetricity's panels also qualify under the government Feed-In Tariff or FIT scheme and it's the FIT scheme that allows them to offer both the panels and installation at no cost. Freetricity receive all Fit entitlements whilst customers enjoy free electricity.

Freetricity is run by environmentalist and entrepreneur Ben Way and professional businessman Paul Williams who are both well known for their appearance on the television series Secret Millionaire and are both highly passionate about environmental issues.

What Is The Feed-In Tariff Scheme?

The government's Feed-In Tariff scheme means that customers who have Microgeneration Certification Scheme certified solar panels installed by a MCS certified installer are eligible for a payment for the electricity generated by their solar panel system as well as a further, slightly lower payment for all the electricity produced which is exported back to the grid.

What Are Freetricity's Aims?

Freetricity are dedicated to raising environmental awareness and the damage caused to the planet by the continual burning of our dwindling stocks of fossil fuels. Freetricity PLC aim to educate their customers on the importance of producing their own energy and spend time working with schools to educate the younger generations on the use of solar panels and the importance of making the transition from using fossil fuels to solar energy.

Do I qualify?

With the recent Feed-in Tariff changes Freetricity have had to tighten their installation requirements. To qualify your roof will have to meet all of the following criteria:

- Are South facing (within about 20 degrees of South; up to 40 degrees in the South West of England)
- Is South of (and including) the counties of Norfolk, Cambs, Northants, Oxon, Gloucs and South Wales - Are at least 24m2+ of un-shaded roof area
- Have no obstructions on the roof (eg. dormer/Velux windows, chimneys)
- Have roofing felt (a black, waterproof barrier visible from your loft space) underneath your roof tiles
- Rental tenants must ask their landlords to apply

What Do Customers Have To Say About Freetricity PLC?

Freetricity PLC already have many satisfied customers and have made significant headway in their quest to create a greener, environmentally friendlier planet. Their £500 million fund means that numerous homes and businesses are already benefiting from free solar panels providing them with free electricity.

However given it's size, it's no surprise not all customers are happy with the service. Problems have included slow installation times and scaffolding being left up. Whether or not these are larger issues or just a hiccup from a fast growing company remain to be seen.

It just takes a quick browse online to find the reviews written by some of Freetricity's customers - both good and bad. Then it's up to you to decide if it's a company you'd like to do business with.

All Freetricity installations are carried out by MCS certified installers and only the highest quality, brand named panels are used. It is hoped that if this green trend continues it won't be too long before we see a dramatic drop in Co2 emissions and a significant reduction in our collective carbon footprint.

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