Commercial use of Solar Vacuum Tubes

Solar Vacuum Tubes

Solar vacuum tubes are also referred to as evacuated tubes or collectors because during production the space between the two tubes (one inside the other) is removed of all gases under very high pressure which causes a vacuum. A vacuum is an excellent insulator so even when the external glass tube has allowed the heat from the sun to be absorbed by the inner tube (hence the term collector) and temperatures of 150 degrees centigrade can be maintained internally without affecting the outside surface. The outer tube can be cold to the touch whilst the inside tube is scolding hot. The heat with no other escape route rises up the tube to heat a copper tip which is passed over by an antifreeze and water solution. The result is that the solution is heated up and can be used to transfer the heat to water which is then distributed around the property. Commercial uses of solar vacuum tubes have seen entire office and residential blocks being supplied with hot water for free. Swimming pools, spas and restaurants are all commercial ventures that can use solar vacuum tubes to supply heat and hot water.

Commercial Evacuated Tubes

Solar radiation is what provides the heat for solar vacuum tubes to function and this is referred to as solar insolation. Every area has a different level of solar insolation which will affect how much heat is absorbed by solar vacuum tubes and a commercial solar water heating specialist will advise you on the solar insolation for your region. Commercial solar heating vacuum tubes can take advantage of the large roofs of factories or other large commercial buildings to be correctly positioned in order to soak up as much heat as possible. Solar vacuum tubes are produced in an array of many tubes into a solar thermal array and many businesses will have several solar thermal arrays supplying heat to several tanks that are used to provide heating and hot water to various locations within the building.

Commercial Incentives for Solar Vacuum Tubes

A commercial solar thermal system of up to 200kW will attract a cash payment of 8.5p per kWh of all heat generated. This incentive has been calculated to provide a 12% return on initial investment and offers a win-win situation for businesses trying to save money on energy bills, do their part for the environment and earn cash rewards for doing so. A recent development in the utilization of commercial solar thermal collection or solar vacuum tubes is known as the Inter-seasonal Heat Transfer (IHT) and uses the solar vacuum tubes to collect heat in the summer and stores the heat in underground Thermal Banks. The heat is then dispersed into the property during the winter months via ground source heat pumps.

Commercial Solar Vacuum Tube Supplier

Commercial solar vacuum solutions require professional assessment, design, supply and installation to be successful in generating the required amount of heat safely and to properly supply MCS approved equipment for the inclusion into the Renewable Heat Incentive. Only Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accredited commercial solar vacuum tube suppliers can install solar heating systems that will pay owners for all heating generated by solar vacuum tubes. The easiest way to find an MCS accredited suppliers would be to use a well established solar heating information and review site that can provide free resources and tools to locate and compare the best commercial solar vacuum suppliers in the UK.

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