Commercial Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters are a fast, reliable and cost-effective way of receiving hot water in commercial areas, such as a office or a factory. They harness the energy from the sun and no pumping is required as the water is naturally raised into water storage tanks that can be mounted above solar collectors. The amount of heat a solar heating system can produce depends largely on the amount of heat given by the sun in that area and the amount of water can be held by the water tank as water can only be heated after the tank is emptied and new water is heated.

Locations for Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water heaters can be used in restaurants since there is a lot of cooking, washing dishes, and cleaning to be done, or in hotels that operate swimming pools and spas. They are also suitable for office and apartment blocks. Laundromats can also benefit from solar water heaters as they could dramatically reduce their energy bills by up to 50%. Apartment complexes tend to use oil, natural gas or electricity to heat the water for their tenants and the prices of theses commodities increase yearly and increasing the rent is usually the first option. Therefore solar power can be a better substitute for the burning of fossil fuels required for conventional energy generation.

Types of Solar Heaters

There are basically two types of solar heaters; passive solar water heaters and active water solar heaters. Passive solar heaters are generally for warmer climates and are without moving parts. They use basic thermal principles that cause heat to rise and are great for commercial purposes because they have a low investment and a high return. Active solar heaters are for colder climates and use a combination of temperature control and circulating pumps. They also use electricity to operate and their water storage tanks do not have to be placed above or close to the collectors.

Benefits of Solar Water Heaters

There are various advantages to using a solar water heating system. Firstly, the negative environmental impacts will be reduced due to the falling demand for fossil fuels. Solar water heaters can operate efficiently in any type of climate as long as the right heating system is chosen for a particular geographical area and can be as efficient as 90%. High costs of operation experienced by organisations will reduce as the energy bills and costs of using gas or electricity for heat and hot water decreases. Finally, solar water heaters have proven to be efficient and reliable thus more organisations are confident when purchasing them and the number of installations per year has been rising rapidly over the last five years. With the benefits that solar water heaters provide an organisation, the cost should not be a large problem. For instance, with a little less than £9381, a restaurant could invest in a solar water heating system and reduce their costs by up to 50% every year plus earn 8.5p per kWh from the Renewable Heat Incentive.

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