Commercial Solar Pool Heating

Why should I install it?

The use of solar power to heat your swimming pool makes sense not only from an ecological point of view but also from an economic one. The expense involved in heating a pool to a desirable level can be considerable, and the effect on the environment from the emission of greenhouse gasses is also a very high price to pay.

How does it work?

A typical solar heating system, be it for commercial or home use, is made up of four basic components.


Collectors, or solar panels, are used to store the collected energy. You should first estimate the energy demand of your pool; this is calculated on the design, operating temperature, amount of usage and the location in which the pool is sited. You can then identify the number of collectors required but, be aware, choosing and area of installation too small will mean that not enough energy will be collected to heat the pool adequately. By the same principal, if the area is too large not all the available stored energy will be used and will be wasted.


Pipe work runs from the collectors to the pool and will be constructed of copper or stainless steel. They can be run internally or externally, above or below ground. They are insulated and have internal anti freeze to keep them clear in the winter months.


A heat exchanger allows the solar energy to be transferred from the system to the pool. It will be sized to match the power outputs of the collectors and installed in line and upstream of the secondary heat source and close to the pool circulation system.


The control panel will be sited near to the heat exchanger. The settings are optimised when the installation takes place so no further interaction with them should be needed. Although the entire operation is automatic it is advisable to monitor the display gauges regularly to ensure there are no problems.

How much should I pay?

There are numerous reputable companies countrywide who specialise in this type of installation and each has their own pricing structure.

As an illustration for a pool measuring 10m x 20m prices start from £6,500-8,500.
For a larger pool of 70m x 80m the prices are from £20,000-26,000.

There are many sources which you could approach for a grant to help you with your costs. More and more councils and organisations are beginning to appreciate the importance of promoting renewable energy and may be prepared to assist you in helping the environment.

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