Can I Get an Interest Free Loan for Solar Panels?

IMPORTANT:Engensa no longer offer an interest free solar panel loan. However The Eco Experts now work with up to three installers who do offer a similar product. Fill out the form above and speak to a member of the team to find out more.

Engensa Solar Loan Residential solar PV systems currently do not qualify for interest free solar loans. However, most people who want to get a loan for home solar panels can qualify for one from the Engensa SolarLoan program. Better yet, there is no upfront cost when you get your solar panels this way.

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Are you looking for an interest free loan so you can install solar panels and benefit from the government's generous Feed-In-Tariff scheme? Then keep reading to learn all you need to know.

Is Installing Solar Power Worthwhile?

Installing solar power makes financial sense at least in the long run. For the average family home it costs £4,000 to £8,000 to install a solar power system, but this cost can be covered in less than 10 years by the savings you make with the help of government funding.

This means after 10 years the system has paid for itself and you start to make money from it. Sadly most people do not have £4,000 to £8,000 to hand to spend on one project. Luckily, it is possible to get a loan to help you to cover the cost of installing solar power. This kind of finance is called a Solar Loan.

Where Can I Get A Solar Loan?

You can get a solar loan from several sources including banks and building societies who will lend you money to install a solar system. The companies that actually install solar panel systems are another good source of solar loans. However, the best source today is the Engensa SolarLoan program because there is no-upfront cost. You can find out more from the form at the top of our page.

Currently you cannot get loans or grants from the government in the UK to help you to install a solar system. There were plans to allow people who installed their systems prior to this date (as far back as July 2009) to claim back some money as well, but this did not happen.

Unfortunately, the coalition government decided to take a short term view of our energy future and has cut back in the name of austerity. However, even though the UK government is not giving interest free loans it does not mean you still should not invest in a new solar system.

Can I Get An Interest Free Solar Loan?

If you run a business you can get an interest free solar loan from The Carbon Trust. The loan is unsecured and must be paid back within 4 years. The system has to cost between £3,000 and £100,000 and your business must be based in Northern Ireland or Wales. In England low interest loans are available for businesses, but not interest free solar loans.

Other Considerations

Beyond finance, there are other considerations regarding installing solar panels. Firstly do you have somewhere suitable to place the panels. The house will need a south facing roof or wall that isn't overshadowed. Next, can the roof support the panels?

A structural survey will need to be carried out, and the results might show that it needs strengthening which would typically cost £500. It is unlikely that the installation will require planning permission but this needs to be checked.

Lastly to be eligible for FITS the installation company must be MCS approved. This can be checked on the MCS website The installation company should be able to carry out the structural survey and carry out any planning checks.

Who is Eligible

Sadly, if you are a home-owner interest free solar loans are not available, but you can negotiate a lower interest rate solar loan. For example, the Engensa SolarLoan program can help you get solar panels with no up-front cost. You are in a strong negotiating position with these companies, because they want the job of installing your system.

Interest Free Loans

In Scotland, a different loan exists known as the Home Renewables Loan. This is an interest free loan of up to £2,000 that can be put toward installing renewable energy, including solar panels. The loan form can be found on the energy saving trust Scotland's webpage. Some charities may offer grants towards the cost of installation of solar panels. These are often regional or targeted at certain groups in society.

Who Can Help

Some local councils and charities occasionally offer help with installing solar power, so it is worth checking with them too. If you are on a low income or elderly your chances of getting help with a low interest or interest free solar loan from an environmental group or charity are enhanced, but they are only available intermittently.

However, no matter what your income level, age or location within the UK you can still benefit from talking to one of our Eco Experts about the Engensa solar panel loan program. Just use the form at the top of the page to begin now.

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