2kW Wind Turbine

2kW wind turbines are perfect for domestic home installation. In this article we will look more closely at a 2kW wind turbine system including explaining how such a system works, how much it costs and its long term benefits.

Wind Turbines

Large scale wind turbines are a common site - especially across the British countryside. Indeed, the UK is the windiest place in Europe with 40% of all European wind travelling across the island. Despite this, smaller domestic wind turbines are still a rarity.

How do Wind Turbines Work?

The process behind the wind turbine is remarkably simple. The blades of the turbine are rotated by wind which, in turn, drives an internal turbine which creates the electricity. The stronger the wind, the faster the blades and the turbine will rotate, so the more electricity is produced. This electricity can then be used within a property.

The majority of turbines are connected to the national grid so any excess electricity is returned there. However, off grid turbines have the ability to store additional electricity. Still, it should be noted that these systems require batteries which will need replacing from time to time. 2kW wind turbines are much smaller than pole mounted versions seen in fields. 2kW turbines are 'building mounted' and are often placed on house roofs. 

How Much does a 2kW Wind Turbine Cost?

On average, 2kW wind turbines cost in the region of £1,500 to £2,000 to purchase. Installation and maintenance costs may slightly increase this figure although turbines should last approximately 20 years. The savings made by the wind turbine depend on the strength of the wind. An average annual wind speed of 4 metres per second (m/s) would result in an annual saving of just over £70. A wind speed of 5 m/s would double the saving to £140. A strong wind speed of 6 m/s would save over £210 a year. Therefore, it would take at least 10 years for the wind turbine to pay for itself.

Advantages of Wind Turbines

A 2kW wind turbine will save its owner money on their electricity bills but these savings are not overly impressive. However, wind turbines are also environmentally friendly. They are classed as renewable energy systems because they are powered by wind which is a natural indefinite source. Owners' carbon footprints are therefore dramatically reduced.

2kW domestic wind turbines are yet to take off in the UK, especially when compared to the solar panel boom. Whilst 2kW wind turbine systems are relatively inexpensive compared to other renewable energy systems, many may be deterred by the small size of savings that can be made and the fact that it can take over a decade for a 2kW wind turbine to pay for itself. It therefore seems mounted wind turbines have a long way to go to establish themselves as a viable electricity production system in the UK.

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